Cardigans and Sweaters

With the autumn and winter in prospect, the nice warm sweaters and cardigans can not be missing in the wardrobe. We have a large collection of sweaters and cardigans in various colors and from various brands such as: Bandolera, Caroline Biss, Olsen, Sandwich and Tramontana. An absolute trend are the coarse knits. A nice oversized sweater or cardigan to get away on the couch with a cup of tea.

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  • Vests

    We should have the vest in all colors in the closet. It is that easy to combine and through the vest you can also wear that nice t-shirt in the winter. At Rosa Fashion Outlet we have vests of different materials and various brands such as: Olsen, Bandolera, NTS, Sandwich and Betty Barclay. A cardigan is wonderfully warm, timeless and you can combine endlessly. In short: we are a fan! Even more fun is that we have vests at the sharp outlet price that you are used to from us.

  • Sweaters

    Sweaters are most wanted in the winter, so we have one spacious collection in various colors and models. Also fill during the season we handle the selection with beautiful new items. We have sweaters from various brands at a competitive price. Sandwich, Bandolera, Caroline Biss, Betty Barclay belong to the assortment.

  • Boleros

    Is it just too cold for your summer dress or top, then a Bolero is an absolute must-have. The Bolero is also a topper for the suitcase on your holiday. Would you like to visit a church or have it cooled down in the evening? Then cover the shoulders with a nice Bolero in your favorite color. At Rosa Fashion Outlet we have Bolero's in various designs and from different brands such as: Tramonana, Bandolera and Sandwich.

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Showing 1 - 18 of 205 items
Showing 1 - 18 of 205 items